Welcome to Normaltown.com!

Tucked away on Prince Avenue in Athens, Georgia there is a town where the people are friendly, the businesses are welcoming and the customers are loyal. There is just about everything you need in a one-block radius. You have your laundromat, grocery store, favorite restaurants and bars, local bakery, specialty shops and services that are rare or impossible to find anywhere else.

On this site you can explore each of these businesses. Check out the pictures and short bits of information on each one in the navigation bar at the top of the page. This site brings pieces of Normaltown to your desktop or mobile device in an effort to get you to Normaltown. Click around and see why each place is worth a stop, whether it’s for a quick snack, specialty service or just a quick convo. It’s all inside this little town.

Please note that the site is still under construction and a lot of businesses are not featured or described fully. If you are a local business owner in Normaltown and would like your company featured on this site or have any concerns, please fill out a form in the “Food,” “Drinks,” “Shops,” or “Services” tab. We would love to get your information launched.

We also encourage businesses to submit blog posts to the form on the “Blog Post Request” link below the “Contact” tab so that we can post them on the “Home” page to keep customers up-to-date with upcoming workshops, discounts or events in the area.

Thank you for taking a break in Normaltown. Happy living!



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